Shellfish firm secures second vessel

Shellfish firm secures second vessel

The new fishing vessel, which is named Ingenuity, has been designed to fish for pink lobster in Mauritania, off the West Coast of Africa.

Galwad Y Mor Shellfish Bridlington was established in 2003 by Bernard Gray and is today run by his son by Iain Gray.

Based in Bridlington, the company supplies shellfish, predominantly crab and lobster, to fish markets across the UK and abroad.

They have one existing fishing vessel called Galwad Y Mor which is situated in the North Sea fishing for crabs and lobster for the UK seafood wholesalers.  

There are plans in the future to increase the fleet on the back of the completion of Ingenuity.

Ingenuity will set sail for Mauritania off the West Coast of Africa and will be fishing for pink lobster.

The vessel will be the first British purpose-built boat equipped with lobster pots to fish these waters for over 25 years.

Iain Gray, owner Galwad Y Mor Shellfish Bridlington said: “We have completed a long and challenging journey during the construction of the vessel and it has become a real labour of love.

“I can’t believe we are now ready to set sail from Bridlington and become the first British purpose-built lobster fishing vessel to cover the waters of Mauritania.

“Our aim is to fish for 100 tonnes of pink lobster in a season and we already have a contract with wholesalers in China to supply the lobsters.

“The backing from the Royal Bank of Scotland has been important to assist the completion of this project.”

The funding from the Royal Bank of Scotland has supported the construction and design of the new vessel which is 24 metres long, 7.2 metres wide and 4¼ metres deep. in length.

It can hold a capacity of 25 tonnes of lobster and will operate during the lobster fishing season from November to June.

Paul Craske, senior relationship manager at the Royal Bank of Scotland said: “We have worked with Iain for a significant period and we are very pleased to see the completion of the new fishing vessel which will have a significant impact on the growth of Galwad Y Mor Shellfish Bridlington.

“They operate on the premium market supplying lobster and crabs and the addition of the Ingenuity signals the first stage of their expansion of their fleet with plans for a third and fourth vessel in the pipeline for the future.”

Published: 25 January 2018

Article by Chris Middleton
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