Cardiff BID rebranded as FOR Cardiff

Cardiff BID rebranded as FOR Cardiff

Re-imagined in a bid to provide a clear message that the organisation is doing great things for the Welsh capital, FOR Cardiff is making sure its name is representative of its purpose.

Businesses from across the city were given the first look at the new brand during an exclusive drinks and canapes reception at the Park Plaza Hotel, held to mark a successful first year.

FOR Cardiff will still have the same aims as the BID used to - working to make Cardiff more welcoming, vibrant and influential on the world stage.

BID has invested in many important projects over the past year including recruiting a team of Street Ambassadors to solve business issues and help tourists, a deep cleaning initiative that will roll out across the city, and investing nearly £70,000 in Cardiff’s events, music and arts scene.

Executive Director of FOR Cardiff Adrian Field, said: “FOR Cardiff is about doing great things for Cardiff’s residents, visitors, commerce, services, events and more.

“Our new brand and name allows us to highlight each and every one of these things and show how they fit into the wider picture.

“From the team of ambassadors for peace of mind, to street entertainment for enjoyment, from joint procurement schemes for saving money, to clever marketing campaigns for attracting visitors – ultimately, everything is ‘For Cardiff’.”

The FOR Cardiff year-long consultation process involved surveys, business workshops, and face to face meetings with businesses, public agencies and stakeholders.

This information was then compiled into a five-year business plan which proposed a 1% levy on all businesses in the area with a rateable value of £25,000 and above.

It was then sent to all relevant businesses in the summer of 2016 outlining what projects the BID would deliver, the area, budgets, legislation guidelines and governance.

Those eligible businesses were asked to take part in a month long independent postal ballot (conducted by the Electoral Reform Service) to vote on whether they wanted Cardiff to have a BID or not.

In July 2016 ERS announced the result that 84% of those businesses who voted were in favour of the BID.

That vote gave the go-ahead for the BID to take forward the five-year Business Plan and drive investment in the City Centre and gave local businesses a greater say in the way it is marketed, maintained and managed.

The BID came into operation in November 2016 and changed its name to For Cardiff in October 2017 to ensure the company name was more representative of the organisation’s purpose.

The team are now delivering a £7.5 million investment in the area from 2016-2021.

Published: 12 October 2017

Article by Chris Middleton
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