Demand for offsite manufacturing is “on the rise”

Demand for offsite manufacturing is “on the rise”

The building services supplier believes that this skills gap is affecting how projects get over the line and stay within budget, which is driving demand for offsite services.

Increasingly, contractors are looking to have products prefabricated – saving precious time, reducing inefficiencies, and cost, while at the same time improving on-site safety and minimising waste.

The Nottingham-based firm is trying to stay ahead of the curve with its tailored solutions and products to meet challenges in the building services sectors and mechanical and electrical.

This includes tailored manufacturing for residential schemes, food manufacturing plants and water and energy systems.

Adrian Fowler, managing director at Midland Fixings, said: “In recent years we have built a reputation in the construction industry for providing off-site and pre-fabricated pipework and containment supports to contractors.

“Our ability to offer manufactured solutions from our own premises is highly attractive to M&E contractors and construction firms.

“It has been invaluable on recent contracts such as a major commercial project in central London for which we provided engineered solutions from our own fabrication workshop.”

Midland Fixings has supported many electrical, mechanical and civil engineering projects with solutions where conventional options have not been feasible, including roof supports, modular services frames and bespoke pipe supports. 

The in-house engineering design team uses 3D modelling design software and recognised structural analysis software to offer support from stress analysis, load assessments, structure optimisation and thermal expansion.

Adrian added: “Industry research has shown that prefabrication can shorten construction delivery time by up to as much as 30%, cut materials costs by 20%, drive efficiency and lower onsite accident rates.

“Its relevance to the sector’s future is clearly demonstrated by the construction’s industry’s collaborative approach to encouraging more prefabrication.

“For example, during London Build 2017 – one of the UK’s biggest construction exhibitions – we attended a presentation on the ‘off-site rule’ by a leading contractor.

“The company is currently working on a report with an industry research association focusing on the benefits of building off-site.

“As construction companies look to control their costs, improve onsite safety and find ever more efficient ways of working, we believe it’s essential that suppliers listen and adapt their services to provide innovative solutions to meet such requirements.”

Published: 11 December 2017

Article by Chris Middleton
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