The Sweet Beet to represent the North East in Munich

The Sweet Beet to represent the North East in Munich

As part of the Northern Powerhouse Mission to the Annual Munich Queen’s Birthday Party from 12-14 June in Munich, Lizzy will join over 400 guests from UK industry, politics, culture and the media.

The Sweet Beet, led by Texas-born Newcastle native Lizzy Hodcroft has seen demand sore for its alternative Tex-Mex condiments in the last year.

The Northern Powerhouse initiative has invited the Sweet Beet and businesses from the North of England to join an organised visit to the annual Munich Queen’s Birthday Party celebration. 

Last year the reception was a platform for Welsh food and drink companies to showcase an array of Welsh cheeses, biscuits, chutneys and beer and now the focus lands on the North of England. 

This year presents an opportunity to showcase food and drink from across the region and will give participants the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the region’s best produce as well as gain an understanding of the German market.

Lizzy Hodcroft explains: “I don’t think that we do enough to champion the amazing producers or spread the word about what we have to offer, not only to the rest of the UK but internationally so this is the ideal opportunity to do just that.

“I’ll most likely be exploring the foodie scene and gathering data on the current condiment market.  It’s a real honour to be apart of the producers selected. It’s a great opportunity to look back on The Sweet Beet’s journey and reflect on how far we have come, the challenges we’ve faced and the business we are today.

“We need to be shouting and spreading the word that Newcastle isn’t some poor mining town. We have such bright minds, ambitious businesses and real passionate producers.”

Speaking about her aspirations for the company's forthcoming trip to Germany, Lizzy Hodcroft, adds: “I hope to make a few once-in-a-lifetime contacts. Any interest from distributors would be a bonus.

“I think the German market will be very positive about the innovation and vision of The Sweet Beet. I believe they are quite adventurous when it comes to food and I’m looking forward to nurturing a close relationship with those consumers.”

Published: 06 June 2018

Article by Ellen McGann
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