Village Bakery to spend £12m on new factory

Village Bakery to spend £12m on new factory

The firm says the bakery will be the most advanced facility of its kind in Europe.

The first ten products in the own-label range have just gone on sale and are being made at the family firm’s original bakery on Wrexham Industrial Estate.

Village Bakery bought the former Caparo Wire factory, which has been re-clad and extended from 55,000 sq ft to 75,000 sq ft.

Managing director Robin Jones said: "The new bakery represents a £12m investment for us and it will be the most advanced gluten-free bakery in Europe.

"We’ve been all over Europe and we’ve sourced the best equipment to make these products, and also some new processes to make some different products are new to the Village Bakery.

“We’ve been making gluten-free products for 10 years now, so this is the next phase in our growth.

"We have now launched our own Gluten Freedom brand because the market is growing year on year.

“The existing gluten-free bakery is becoming increasingly cramped so we really do need the extra capacity.

"That’s why we decided as a family – my father Alan, the company chairman and my brother, Christien, the project's director – to take this step.

“We’ll be making a range of products including bread, rolls, morning goods, to pancakes, also some ethnic products like pita bread and naan bread.

"We’ll also be launching some new, cutting-edge products early next year. Our retail partners are really excited because it’s so new and there are such radical ideas going in there.

Projects director Christien Jones added: "We are laying the foundation for the future growth of the company by opening this new bakery.

“There has been an explosion in demand in the free-from market, it's on a steep growth curve.

"People are self-diagnosing and making lifestyle choices to try free from products, and I think free-from has changed over the last 10 years.

“It’s now not just a commodity you eat when you have a medical condition - it’s a healthy lifestyle choice.

"We’ve developed a whole range for recipes and products and the importance of how they taste is absolutely paramount.

“We treat it like we would any other bakery product with the advantage of its free from qualities so you  don't have to sacrifice taste at all."

Published: 07 June 2018

Article by Chris Middleton
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