Powters signs Tesco deal in time for Christmas

Powters signs Tesco deal in time for Christmas

Available in 25 Tesco stores during the whole of the Christmas period, Chefs' Pig is the ultimate sausage meat for any festive feast and a must-have addition to the Christmas shopping list.

Available in 400g packs, Chefs' Pig uses succulent Newmarket PGI Protected sausage meat, as well as carefully selected herbs and spices, to create a delicious and succulent sausage meat that's perfect for stuffing, sausage rolls, or a range of other dishes.

“We are very pleased to have even more of our range on offer in a national supermarket over Christmas period,” says Tristan Powter at Powters, which signed a deal in October to supply more Tesco stores. “Our Chefs' Pig sausage meat makes the perfect stuffing, is great for sausage rolls and baking and is always incredibly popular at Christmas. We hope that with better availability even more of our customers will give it a try this festive season.”

Published: 07 December 2018

Article by Ellen McGann
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