Ed-tech business wins £775,000 of university contracts in one month

Ed-tech business wins £775,000 of university contracts in one month

The StREAM software product hass proven to help universities not only improve student retention and boost academic performance but also help universities improve student wellness by identifying students with challenges long before they become a crisis.

This allows a pro-active and supportive intervention to be made by the university student support staff before deeper problems can develop.

The new contracts, which were all secured within the space of one month and are worth £775,000, are with Northampton, Essex, Salford and Sunderland universities, which between them have a student population of over 60,000.

Solutionpath’s sophisticated StREAM analytics product measures and analyses student ‘engagement’ by accurately assessing student data already collected by universities.

The data relates to students’ digital interactions with the university, which are logged each time day-to-day activities such as using the library or attending lectures are carried out, alongside academic progress.

By using the software, ‘at risk’ students are identified at a much earlier stage than would otherwise be possible, enabling staff to intervene rapidly and offer the support the student needs to get back on track.

A three-year trial recently completed with undergraduates at Nottingham Trent University found that StREAM helped to generate double-digit improvements in academic performance, with 11% more students achieving first class or 2:1 honours degrees.

Howard Hall, CEO and co-founder of Solutionpath, said: “These new client wins are tremendously exciting for us.

“They mark the growing recognition that our unique StREAM analytics product, which has been several years in development and refinement and is not only the market-leading product but is also a highly effective tool that is having a significant positive impact both for students and for universities.

“Not only are we helping our clients improve academic outcomes, and improve student retention, and course completion, but also providing a safety net for students on wellness issues.”

As a result of the four new contract wins, Solutionpath, which has offices in Leeds, London and Manchester plan to create five new jobs over the coming months.

The business is currently working with 11 universities in the UK and internationally, and has recently launched into the US market.

Howard added: “For a student who withdraws from their studies at university before completion or fails to achieve the level of degree they could have done it can be a personal disaster.

“For the university involved there are usually costly financial implications of lost course fee revenues as well.

“Now many of those instances can be avoided, which is good news for students, staff and universities alike.”

Published: 09 October 2017

Article by Chris Middleton
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