Glasgow fashion label partners with local artists for new range

Glasgow fashion label partners with local artists for new range

Luxury clothing brand Finnieston aims to provide its customers with a range of products bridging the gap between traditional Scottish heritage materials and the style and culture of the country’s modern cities. To make this happen, the fashion brand will be partnering with selected Glasgow artists to design limited edition linings for signature items.

Finnieston is the creation of Ross Geddes, who lives and works in Glasgow. He came up with the idea for the brand after seeing what he considered a gap in the market for durable, practical outerwear for the fashion-conscious.

Geddes said: “It would have been easy to start a brand based on Scotland’s heritage – a durable, wild and proud country – but I didn’t want a brand shrouded in tradition.

“Glasgow is dynamic, modern and rich with its own culture, so I wanted this to be reflected in our brand and clothing too.”

This Autumn, Finnieston is partnering with renowned artist James Klinge. Klinge, formerly working under the alias ‘Klingatron’, has established himself in Glasgow through iconic works including the Clydeside ‘Tiger Style’ mural, the Saltmarket ‘Study of a Woman in Black’ and ‘The Panda’ of Mitchell Lane. Klinge has designed the lining for a number of jackets.

Klinge said: “It was my intention to create a visual that had the expressive marks seen in my paintings.”

Finnieston has now officially launched a capsule collection of luxury items, and set to become a new standard in luxury Scottish outerwear for the discerning customer who wants their slice of art and culture all wrapped up in one stylish jacket.

Published: 09 November 2018

Article by Laura Kemp
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