Fuel-on-demand start-up raises £1.8m

Fuel-on-demand start-up raises £1.8m

Zebra Fuel’s vans bring fuel directly to your vehicle. It is the easiest way to get your vehicle refuelled, whether you’re an infrequent driver or a business that refuels a fleet of vans daily.

At the moment, the company only delivers diesel, with petrol and electric set to be made available soon.

The company is also looking to launch ZebraBio — a biodiesel made from waste products, such as used cooking oil from the catering industry.

As the Mayor’s Biodiesel Programme supports London’s buses and public sector road fleet, ZebraBio will support consumers and businesses to help them cut their CO2 emissions.

In a statement, LocalGlobe said: “When we first met Zebra Fuel founders Romain and Reda, it was clear that safety was their top priority.

“The Zebra service had to be safer than a petrol station. To make this happen, the founders worked with a top-tier team of petroleum industry experts, product engineers, and regulators.

“The Zebra Fuel delivery van has been designed with expert craftsmanship to deliver fuel safely — and at twice the speed of a petrol station pump.

“All of us at LocalGlobe are excited to be leading an investment in Zebra Fuel, alongside our friends at Firstminute Capital.

“As the car industry transforms over the next decade, we are looking forward to Zebra Fuel playing a role in making it easier to get around.”

Published: 06 February 2018

Article by Bryce Wilcock
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