Brockmans Gin

Brockmans toasts a decade of success

The company saw total revenue grow 51% to £8.2m last year as it significantly increased its presence in major retailers and continued to expand overseas.

UK sales in particular soared 145% - well ahead of the market – driven by increased demand from key on-trade customers including Greene King, Hilton and The Peach Pub Company.

The brand expanded to 147 branches of Marks & Spencer and, since the year-end, has also gained listings in all 28 branches of Booths and signed a deal to be in 400 Asda stores from later this month. Other supermarket listings are expected to follow this year as retailers respond to consumer demand.

The business also continued its international expansion. New international markets included Poland, Panama and the Philippines. Brockmans will be available in over 40 countries by the end of this year.

In the US, Brockmans recently went on sale in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, building on its success in five other states including New York and Massachusetts.

In Germany, a fast-growing market, Brockmans went on sale in four REWE stores with the potential to expand to more outlets.

Neil Everitt, Brockmans’ joint founder and chief executive, said: “It’s great to be toasting such strong numbers as we look forward to celebrating our 10th anniversary later this year.

“The UK’s love affair with gin shows no sign of waning and Brockmans clearly won the hearts of many new drinkers, helping us significantly outperform the market.

 “We continue to spread our wings into new markets and will be on sale in 40 territories by the end of this year, but it is the recent decision to move into the multiple grocers that will provide the springboard to our next milestone, selling 100,000 cases a year.”

Published: 09 April 2018

Article by Bryce Wilcock
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