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BrewDog buys into Hawkes cider

Leading craft brewer BrewDog has moved into the cider market after investing in Bermondsey-based cider maker Hawkes.

Brewdog co-founder James Watt announced the news during the company’s annual general meeting (AGM) in Aberdeen this week.

The brewer has invested an undisclosed amount in the company and sees a huge opportunity to transform the cider industry the same way it did with beer.

Hawkes founder Simon Wright said: “We are in an industry that has for far too long allowed ‘big’ cider and mass market products to hold back innovation and growth.

“I’ve long been impressed by BrewDog’s attitude and approach to challenging the status quo of beer in the UK and around the world.

“Just like us, they stand up for those who want to break free, make a difference and take the cider scene into an entirely new era. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

In a statement on the brewer’s website, Brewdog said: “A few months ago, we met with Simon Wright, the founder of Hawkes cider in London. Here, we found a kindred spirit.

“Hawkes’ approach to cider parallels our heritage with beer, and we see huge potential in the difference the business can make to a mass-market monopolised segment of the drinks scene.

“Cider has a massive opportunity to be so much more than a sweet, fizzy pint of something soulless, or a sickly pink drink with more calories than a coke. Cider can be as much of a craft beverage as beer and has as bright a future as brewing.”

Published: 10 April 2018

Article by Bryce Wilcock
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