Growth for TTC Group after MBO

Growth for TTC Group after MBO

The TTC Group is a leading provider of police and court referred driving courses, including speed awareness and drink drive rehabilitation courses.

Located in Shropshire, the company believes in improving the safety and wellbeing of all UK road users, achieving this objective this by using the latest in data analysis and digital technologies to create relevant and personalised road safety training.

As an expert in its field, TTC is enjoying major growth in its DriverProtect® division, which is dedicated to creating awareness of the issues in hand and delivering work-related road safety education and compliance. 

How did the company perform last year in comparison to the previous 12 months and what do you put this success down to?

Overall, the group performed well through a time of change. The business completed an MBO with the backing of Palatine Private Equity last July with a mandate to continue the story of strong business growth seen over many years.

While the growth last year was in single figures, the ambition of the business continues to be one of aggressive expansion over the next 3-5 years, with a significant focus on continuing to grow our core police and cycling businesses, whilst embarking on building a new corporate division and making a number of strategic acquisitions.  

Looking forward, what are your plans for the next 12 months and beyond? How do you see the business growing? 

Continued growth of the core business and expansion into the corporate sector feature prominently in our plans for the next 12 months. This includes larger firms and SMEs, who want to ensure they are compliant with their workplace road safety.

What is underpinning this growth? What do you put it down to? 

Responding to customer demands for cost effective and innovative training solutions while removing the headache of maintaining driver compliance for those drivers driving on company business. 

Our new DriverProtect Continuum platform will host and control our programmes, while providing that reassurance and cost extraction to customers that their drivers are compliant and driving safely. 

In addition, we see modern technology coming to the fore around autonomous cars and alternative fueled vehicles and this will present opportunities for driver training to understand how to best use the new technology.

Are there any particular milestones or developments you’re expecting to reach this year? If so, what will they mean for the business? 

Launch of DriverProtect Continuum in a few months and adding £1m of sales to the corporate side of the business.

How do you feel your company’s growth ambitions compare to the industry as a whole and why?  

We are seeing great opportunities both in the UK and overseas. 

Corporate business recognise their duty of care to manage the wellbeing of their staff out on the road, as well as maintaining their corporate compliance and the considerable financial savings gained from a well-managed fleet and trained team of drivers. 

With financial pressures increasing on companies to make savings and improve efficiencies, businesses are looking to reduce costs and make incremental improvements. 

We also believe there are significant opportunities within the police business and the growth in cycling generally is fueling greater engagement with our Cycle Experience business.

What, if any, effect has Brexit had on the business and is your outlook positive or negative?  

We are generally seeing businesses take longer to make decisions to engage due to uncertainty, but overall we expect to see positives as we get greater clarity on the future.


Published: 27 February 2018

Article by Suzy Jackson
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