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Black Country skills networking event proves a huge hit

Each student was given the opportunity to spend five minutes with a business representative before moving on to the next business.

The event focused on giving local young people the vital transferrable skills they need in readiness for the career choices they will make and was held during Black Country Business Festival Week with the aim of bringing young people together with local business leaders from the area.

Enterprise coordinators from The Black Country Skills Factory and Chamber of Commerce organised a pre-lesson workshop in school a week before the event with each attending school to give the students interview and questioning skills to really put the business guests to work.

Businesses from all over the Black Country supported the event, some sending more than one representative from different departmental functions. All areas of the local enriched labour market were covered including engineering, manufacturing, legal, retail, and IT technology.

Each interview was timed for five minutes, then upon Signal [Radio] 107’s prompt, business guests moved, and the whole process was repeated. Wolverhampton Racecourse was the host venue to accommodate volume of numbers attending.

Colin Parker, Skills Factory director, said: “I am hugely proud of our Black Country Businesses who turned up today to support the largest ever Careers Speed Network event held in the Black Country, it is vital that young people experience meaningful encounters with the world of work during their time in education and this event will certainly have a positive impact on all of those young people taking part.’’

Arvind Batra of RSA Academy added: “The opportunities offered through the Black Country Skills Factory for our students have been both insightful and inspirational. Congratulations on the fantastic event speed networking event - the students got so much out of it and there was a lot of buzz on the way home in the coach!”

Attending Schools were; Aldersley High, Barr Beacon, Colton Hills Community, High Arcal, Highfields, Hillcrest School and Community College, Holly Hall Academy, Moreton Community, Our Lady and St Chad Catholic Academy, RSA Academy, West Walsall E-ACT Academy, Willenhall E-ACT Academy.

Corin Crane CEO of Black Country Chamber of Commerce closed the event with some rousing comments of how the event next year would be a definite - and on a larger scale.

Published: 04 May 2018

Article by Bryce Wilcock
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