Entrepreneurial couple champion British craftsmanship

Entrepreneurial couple champion British craftsmanship

With a head office and finishing operation based in the village of Clun, and inspired by the beautiful surrounding landscapes, Philip and Helen’s created Englana, a brand and product range that captures the natural elements of the British countryside, whilst utilising exclusive yarns, fibres and raw materials sourced here in the British isles

Helen explains: “We have invested a great deal of time and energy sourcing materials that are as natural as possible for our ranges at Englana® and all our products are made using traditional British craftsmanship, which we both champion and celebrate. For instance, one of the mills we work with has been producing woollen cloth, often for Royalty, since before the Battle of Waterloo and is one of only a few vertical woollen mills still in existence in the UK.

“We were determined to create a distinctly British luxury brand that supports British manufacturers, businesses and jobs. All the raw materials have been sourced in England and, as our early prosperity and wealth was founded on the wool and leather trades and the cotton and textiles mills, this seemed an obvious place to start.”

Helen continues: “It has been an incredible journey so far, filled with new discoveries, with learning, with fun and inevitable frustrations. We are proud to now lead a team of wonderful people who share our aims, believe in our ethos and have worked with us to create the luxury English products that proudly bear the name Englana®.”

In a former life Philip was a navigating officer in the Merchant Navy before joining the army for more excitement.

Philip adds: “We have always adored and been fascinated by beautiful quality items that celebrate style, elegance and design. We both feel extremely passionate about our island's proud heritage, our history and our wonderful countryside, with our own local family roots in farming and agriculture.”

“Through Englana® we wanted to create a brand that would marry the two; beautiful, luxurious products made from the highest quality materials that would age gracefully and stand the test of time. We feel incredibly proud that Englana® is synonymous with stylish design that celebrates our English heritage.”

Englana® has launched to market with the Victoria, Heritage and Goodrich collections – each of the three comprising highly refined and beautifully handcrafted luxury bags, accessories and home furnishings, carrying their own signature colours and design characteristics.

As the brand develops, the directors have ambitious plans to launch a full customisation service, offering Englana® customers the opportunity to choose their own colour finish for a truly bespoke fine leather handbag, Welly bootbag or blanket bag.


Published: 17 August 2018

Article by Ellen McGann
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