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This is an open innovation initiative designed to crowd source practical ideas and solutions to the issues, challenges and opportunities facing marketing over the next decade. 

Foundations were laid for the Hackathon at the end of 2014 with live round table discussion events in 11 cities across the UK marking the start of a dialogue amongst marketers internationally to help articulate the key themes which the Hackathon should address.  In these events senior marketing leaders shared their thoughts and perspectives sparking lively discussions looking at the big issues 10 years out which could make or break marketing’s influence and value. 

 "The events were lively debates that gave us exactly what we were looking for; key themes to take forward and really thrash out the issues - and hopefully get some insights and practical steps to help us support marketers in the next ten years." said Caroline Theobald who chaired the events held in Newcastle, Manchester and Leeds.  "It’s a very ambitious and brave challenge CIM has set for itself," she continued "Marketers need to rise to this challenge and take charge of their destiny."

The themes identified were: branding, data, trust, sustainability, digital, careers, accountability, the role of marketing and the integration of sales and marketing.

February will see the conversations try to pull out the essence of these key issues to diagnose the problems.  March will hopefully generate practical ways we can tackle the problems and in April CIM will then start to progress the best ideas into real-world prototypes and experiments.

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Published: 30 January 2015

Article by Peter Jackson
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