Funeralbooker launches the UK’s first home cremation service

Funeralbooker launches the UK’s first home cremation service

Funeralbooker has today launched the UK’s first home cremation service in a bid to fire up greater choice in the UK’s funeral market. The innovative new DIY cremation service aims to set the funeral industry alight by allowing families to bid loved ones a warm farewell from the comfort of their own home.

The home cremation service has been launched in response to spiralling funeral costs and the trend towards more personalised funerals. People opting for a home cremation can expect to shave £1,250 or around a third off the average cost of a funeral, which currently stands at just under £3,500 a year. Market trials suggest that the service will spark great interest amongst consumers with Funeralbooker saying they expect phones to ring red hot with enquiries.

The new service costs just £299.99 and includes door-to-door delivery of a custom-designed caplet called CremMate - the UK’s first domicinerator.

CremMate is delivered fully assembled, cleaned and ready-to-use. It can be sited in a garden, on a patio, drive or even on a large balcony and runs off standard propane gas cylinders readily available from local garages and DIY stores.

It has been designed to be extremely easy to program – simply tap in the height, weight and age of the deceased and CremMate’s patented PYRETM algorithm will calculate the burn rate and duration of the cremation.

With the obesity rate in the UK soaring, CremMate will also prewarn you if a second cylinder of gas is likely to be required, so that you are not caught out mid-cremation.

CremMate comes with thoughtful features included. These add a truly personal touch to the occasion. Included as standard are a diffuser with a range of scents designed to invoke warm memories and ‘Feed the Flame’, a specially designed connector which allows you to run a barbeque off the same gas cylinder for a more cost-effective wake. The connector is also compatible with patio heaters allowing guests to remain outside for longer potentially helping the host to further reduce the overall cost of the day. 

A further add-on – the ‘Phoenix Smoke Plume’ - will appeal to sports fans and the patriotic as it will enable them to send up a plume of smoke in team colours or a flag of choice in a strikingly visual tribute. 

Ian Strang, Managing Director at Funeralbooker, says: “This is about bringing value and choice to the UK funeral market. We expect this service to be in hot demand – you would have to be a fool not to want to use it.

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Published: 01 April 2017

Article by Suzy Jackson
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