Guinness officially goes vegan

The brewer announced two years ago that it was going to make its beers vegan friendly by investing in new brewing technology.

Isinglass has been used widely within the brewing industry for years, purely as a means of filtration, and Guinness was no different.

This inspired the brewer to seek alternatives in a bid to make their beers vegan friendly and the first stage of the roll out of the new filtration system concentrated on Guinness Draught in kegs. 

This phase of the project is now complete and all Guinness Draught produced in keg format at St. James’s Gate Brewery and served in pubs, bars and restaurants around the world, is brewed without using isinglass to filter the beer.

Production and distribution has also commenced on the bottle and can formats of Guinness Draught. It will take some time to reach the full scale distribution of these formats, but this is expected by the end of 2017.

The second stage of the project, focusing on the other Guinness stout variants, is now underway.

Published: 05 May 2017

Article by Bryce Wilcock
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