Profit is sanity for BBC's The Apprentice

Profit is sanity for BBC's The Apprentice

Series thirteen of the BBC's business megashow The Apprentice is underway with the eighteen candidates - or potential business partners - being tasked with manufacturing and selling burgers. The team who makes the most profit, wins.

That's the big clue, right there. The criteria for success is profit. Not number of sales, or customer satisfaction, or any kind of quality measurement. It's just a drive to make profit. But how far can you push the balance on all of those other things, and still remain profitable?

Team Vitality's health focus saw them splash out on expensive meats, whilst the contrast in team Graphene was a luxury label with a more downmarket ingredients price tag.

A significant loss for team Vitality, who really failed at any stage in the process to calculate exactly what the cost of their product was, or to calculate profit margins for sales of the hot and cold products, to the public and to trade.

Whilst the delays in making their products, the poor location choices, and the lack of cohesive strategy around selling all contributed to their defeat, the measurement for success was clearly defined as profit - and at no point did they plan to make any!

Meanwhile, team Graphene had selected products with a far lower cost, and almost an equal value - certainly their prices were more palateable to the public.

Personalities will always clash in this environment, and there was a fair amount of that on both teams with no clear attempts to manage those situations; a real lost opportunity to achieve productivity. Indeed, we saw some potentially troublesome behaviour seemingly left unchallenged - it's probably not great if your sales people chase customers down the road yelling at them!

So with a loss for Vitality, and some cards already marked by Lord Sugar, we've got a whole week to wait for the next installment. Anyone hungry? Just us?

Published: 04 October 2017

Article by Suzy Jackson
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