Trainline for Business launches international interface

Trainline for Business launches international interface

The new international API will make Trainline for Business, the B2B arm of independent digital rail platform Trainline, the most comprehensive platform for rail content. It will bring together an unparalleled breadth of international rail carriers to streamline the sourcing of rail for large corporations, travel management companies (TMCs), online booking tools (OBTs) and online travel agencies (OTAs). Early partners include fast-growing TMC, Travel Planet, which has already completed integration and will be launching a new Rail booking service using the API content to its customers soon.

International rail is complex, with services often needing to be sourced from multiple suppliers, all with different technology standards and specifications. Trainline for Business’s new international rail API addresses this challenge by providing a single source for international rail content with unified functionality across multiple carriers.

By simplifying the sourcing of rail on a large scale, the company aims to deliver a one-stop shop for rail across the world. These new capabilities mark a significant milestone in the development of Trainline’s pan-European platform.

Using the same technology powering Trainline’s consumer product, businesses and travel companies can digest rich rail data in a more streamlined way, facilitating bookings across different carriers and territories seamlessly without losing depth of functionality. The international API will bring together 87 train companies across 24 countries, with more content being added on a regular basis.

Michel Dinh, CEO at Havas Voyages, a leading TMC, comments: “The technology powering the Trainline for Business international API is seriously impressive. The platform provides extensive market coverage, functionality and scalability. It helps increase time to market by simplifying the process for integrating new rail content, without losing the features that matter to travellers.”

Tristan Dessain-Gelinet, CEO at Travel Planet, states: “Thanks to the technology behind Trainline’s international API, Travel Planet will be able to expand its offer in its ‘Click&Control’ platform and allow travellers to access rail providers throughout Europe. This is a big step forward for European train travel.“


Alidad Moghaddam, European Director of Trainline for Business, adds: “Trainline is committed to building technology solutions that make the sourcing and booking of global rail travel simple, seamless and cost-effective. Our new international rail platform will take complexity out of a fragmented global rail landscape, giving businesses, travel agencies and booking agents hassle-free access to rail content across many carriers and countries.

“Our new international solutions are an important growth driver not just for Trainline but also the broader industry; by reducing complexity, we believe more businesses and travellers are likely to opt for rail over air to reduce costs, decrease their carbon footprint and boost productivity on short trips.”

The international API is the latest in a string of innovations from Trainline, testament to the company’s 250+ rail technology specialists and continued commitment to improving the rail experience for everyone.

Trainline for Business provides rail booking solutions for over 20,000 businesses including large corporate entities, Travel Management Companies and SMEs – a number that is growing all the time.

Published: 05 October 2017

Article by Suzy Jackson
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