Ringtons seeks recruits for new apprenticeship programme

Ringtons seeks recruits for new apprenticeship programme

The new recruits will follow in the footsteps of two recruits who have already joined the apprenticeship programme in the north east. Daniel Gray and Connor Keegan were the first recruits to undertake Ringtons’ apprenticeships programme at the company’s biggest sales office in Tyne and Wear. 

The family-business is now looking for five more enthusiastic, passionate and ambitious recruits to join the 110-year-old company. The customer services apprentices will be responsible for helping keep the nation in its favourite tea, coffee and biscuits via the company’s traditional doorstep delivery service which caters to over 240,000 customers from 19 sites throughout the UK.    

Jon Malton, brand director for Ringtons said: “Our new apprenticeship programme is the first we have offered in over 110 years of business and we are pleased to be in a position where we have found two successful new trainees and are able to look for even more. 

“Not only are we attracting enthusiastic, passionate, committed and endearing trainees, but putting our recruits through a Ringtons induction programme which covers all areas of the business gives them a solid background to build their own skills and are essential for their customer services apprenticeships.”

Speaking of the apprenticeship Connor Keegan said: “After a few years working in different jobs I saw the Ringtons apprenticeship as an opportunity to gain a more secure job with a steady income and to join a well-respected family business.  I really enjoy working outside, managing my own time, talking to the customers and learning about every element of the business, so this role really suits me and I would recommend it to those looking for all-round customer service experience. 

“The Customers Services Apprenticeship programme equates to 80% on the job learning and 20% off the job training and, like myself and Daniel, the new recruits will spend time working within the sales office, on the vans, out and about with new business canvassers, working with the customer care team at head office and at Ringtons’ factory where all of the company’s tea and coffee is made, so it really is a well-rounded experience working in the business.”


Published: 09 February 2018

Article by Ellen McGann
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