Probio Energy starts hull power station contract

Probio Energy starts hull power station contract

PROBIO Energy International, based on Team Valley, was founded by Kris Baker-Rain, after a career in banking.  From a standing start he has won contracts to supply both household and industrial waste from recycling plants in the UK, to power waste to energy plants and cement plants in Europe.

His blue chip client list includes six EU-based companies including E.on and Vattenfall in Sweden and Lafarge Cement which use the products they supply as inexpensive fuel.

Kris Baker-Rain said: “Our service has two benefits it helps prevent waste companies having to use landfill sites for some elements of their rubbish and gives energy plants fuel which is both economical and environmentally friendly.  There was definitely a gap in the market for our solutions.”

Lynsey Fairless, senior relationship manager, North East England Chamber of Commerce said: “We are delighted to have PROBIO Energy International in our membership and able to support them in their business growth with our HR service.  They are an outstanding example of North East business acumen and had the foresight to see the great potential of the waste to energy market.”

The volume of waste fuel PROBIO Energy International currently supplies is around 300 tonnes a year, with contracts like the Hull power plant having deliveries of up to 30 trucks per day.

One of the unique selling points of the business is the strict environmental controls it adheres to, which ensures the waste is always free from any chemicals or components that may prevent it from being used as fuel in any particular country 

Kris Baker-Rain explained: “Understandably there is a great deal of sensitivity about waste products being shipped into another country so we find we are winning business as we are painstaking in our approach to quality control.  We realise it is of paramount importance the recycled waste fuel we provide to clients arrives in immaculate condition, in a tight, sealed bale. 

“We pride ourselves in the efficient handling and timely delivery of alternative fuels including biomass and agriwaste which are relatively new to the recycling fuel market."

Published: 13 February 2018

Article by Ellen McGann
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