Sales outsourcing company strengthens North East presence

Sales outsourcing company strengthens North East presence

The firm, which specialises in sales outsourcing, business development and helping companies to raise their profiles, has opened its office at the business and innovation centre, Fusion Hive in Stockton.

With string growth and a raft of clients already located in the Tees Valley region, the new office is an ideal spot for the company’s new, existing and future clients.

Founder and managing director Jessica Williams believes the business is ideally positioned central to a hub of activity that is continuing to develop within the region.

She said: “In the sectors that Just Williams operates in, the North East is becoming increasingly well recognised for its wealth of capabilities and abundant talent particularly in engineering and manufacturing. As such, businesses, from start-ups to SME’s, in the region have real potential to work on major projects both on a local and international scale.  

“And that is exactly where we can help businesses by securing new contracts for our clients on a range of impressive projects. We create clear sales strategies to identify key opportunities, and with a team of seasoned well-networked professionals, we have the capabilities to get our clients in front of decision makers at the right time and further secure traction.

“Finding the right business development or sales professionals is extremely difficult and time consuming for companies. Through outsourcing this service, with a trusted business possessing an extensive proven track record - such as Just Williams - eliminates the hassle of lengthy recruitment and training processes whilst reducing any initial outlay costs.”

With two staff and a new member joining the business in its first quarter, Jessica has ambitious plans to recruit a new Trained Sales Specialist (TSS) every six months.

Having recently achieved an MBA, Jessica is keen to ensure that all staff within the business are offered professional development, and as such, the company will be looking to place team members through a sales development degree at Teesside University.

As a passionate advocate for businesses in the region, Jessica has held a board position for over four years at ARC Stockton Arts Centre, is a chair at Tees Valley Young Enterprise UK and has most recently stepped into the role as non-executive advisor of MBA board room exercise at Durham University Business School.

Established in 2015 and with offices in Newcastle and Stockton, Just Williams prides itself on understanding its client’s ambitions in order to create a tailored sales and business development process that allows businesses to grow and increase their profile.

Published: 13 February 2018

Article by Ellen McGann
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