Iced drinks company predicts 50% growth in 2018

Iced drinks company predicts 50% growth in 2018

North East-based Polar Krush is predicting this strong growth following a major £1m factory refit, the introduction of a sugar free range and unprecedented growth in 2017.

Michael Reid, sales director at Polar Krush, said: “All of the pieces are now in place for 2018 to be our most successful year yet. The hard work in planning and preparation by the whole Polar Krush team is really paying off as we are set for another fantastic year.

“Our sugar free offer is what sets us apart from the crowd, we really have created the utopia of children’s drinks. As we start our key season, the UK market is going from strength to strength with new cinemas, theme parks and holiday parks already in place and ready to go and we are focusing heavily on export over the rest of the year. As a direct result of our success in the UK we have new partners in France, Sweden, Holland and Belgium beginning trading this month which we are hugely excited about. After that we are finalising partnerships in the Middle East, USA and across Europe.”

Last year saw the Polar Krush factory in Ashington, Northumberland undergo a major £1m factory refit which increased the team’s output by 500%. The new factory, which opened in December 2017, utilises A.I and technology to completely automate everything from filling boxes to collating and palletising. This investment allowed Polar Krush to increase the number of engineers and workers on the factory floor and has allowed them to increase employment at the factory as the business continues to grow.

Serving over 15 million cups each year in the UK alone, the company also supply machines and juice drinks to several countries around the world. Customers include cinemas, bowling alleys, leisure centres, ice rinks, food courts, holiday and theme parks, shopping centres, schools and independent retailers.

Published: 16 March 2018

Article by Ellen McGann
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