B Dugdale & Son Ltd complete acquisition of B Tickle & Sons Ltd

B Dugdale & Son Ltd complete acquisition of B Tickle & Sons Ltd

This acquisition brings together two family businesses with a combined 330 years’ of trading history supplying the farmers of Northern England and beyond.

Matthew Tickle will join the board of Dugdale Nutrition Ltd as operations director alongside Matthew Dugdale, managing director and Michael Townend, finance director. Matthew Dugdale and Michael Townend will join the board of B Tickle & Sons Ltd, alongside Matthew Tickle as operations director.

B Tickle & Sons Ltd will continue to manufacture ruminant feed, and will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of B Dugdale & Son Ltd.

The blending plant at Speke will stop operating, and the production will be absorbed into Dugdale Nutrition’s new purpose-built blend plant. This expands the warehousing capacity at Speke to enable stockpiling of bagged products ahead of peak demand periods.

Matthew Dugdale, managing director said, “Dugdale Nutrition had seen rapid expansion, particularly over the last 2 to 3 years.

"With the manufacture of compound feeds at the Clitheroe site at 100% capacity, the acquisition of B Tickle & Sons Ltd allows extra manufacturing capacity, enabling the long term aim of both companies to deliver outstanding customer service."

Steve Berry, relationship director at Barclays, who supported the deal, commented, “Barclays is delighted to support this transaction - the unification of two long established family businesses, represents job security and opportunities for the employees of both companies. It also ensures that a strong independent ruminant feed manufacturer continues to serve the industry in the northern market place.”

Published: 25 October 2017

Article by Ellen McGann
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