Queens Quay energy centre to make Clydebank Scotland’s greenest town

Queens Quay energy centre to make Clydebank Scotland’s greenest town

Construction of the energy centre for the District Heat Network will being in early 2018, with the network being commissioned and generating heat by autumn 2018.  It will serve the entire Queens Quay site and beyond, making. 

The 100% carbon free system is designed on a modular basis to allow expansion, with the ability to include the nearby Golden Jubilee Hospital as well as the wider Clydebank area making the network effective and efficient from both technical and financial perspectives.

Within the energy centre water source heat pumps will extract water from the River Clyde, giving the system a direct link to natural resources.  Additional piping will be located in the wider area to facilitate connections to new homes, as well as public buildings such as Clydebank College and Leisure Centre, and into the town centre.

The energy centre will also accommodate gas boilers, pressurisation units and distribution pumps together with a building control and management system to operate and monitor the system. This system is generally controlled remotely with no requirement for permanent staff. An on-site office and welfare facilities will be located on the mezzanine level.

Queens Quay is owned by Clydeside Regeneration Limited (CRL) with West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) part funding the development.  Dawn Urban Regeneration Ltd is the development partner and is working in partnership with WDC to deliver the energy centre and the wider development.

Paul O’Donnell of Dawn Urban Regeneration Ltd said: “It is fantastic news that we’ve achieved planning permission for the Queens Quay Energy Centre, it is yet another piece of good news in the delivery of the project and promises a green future for Clydebank. 

“The coming year will be very important for Queens Quay with the delivery of all infrastructure and the commencement of a number of other exciting developments.”

Published: 21 December 2017

Article by Ellen McGann
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