The Podcast Host plans to boost turnover to nearly £20m by 2021

The Podcast Host plans to boost turnover to nearly £20m by 2021

The firm, which specialises in podcasting for business, is developing its first app – named Alitu – which will revolutionise podcasting for individuals, SMEs and larger companies by automating the production and publishing process.

CEO Colin Gray said: “We’ll be helping tens of thousands of podcasters to run great quality shows by offering Alitu – our upcoming web app – as a way to automate the production and publishing process.

“It’ll let people simply upload a raw recording and we’ll make it sound good, add their branding, and publish it to the web.

“That translates to a SaaS company with a turnover of between £15 and £20 million a year within four years on our current projection – and it’s going to be fun getting there!”

The Podcast Host has worked with clients including STV and Broadstance Media run by former TV presenter Jackie Brambles, as well as the likes of Blackadders Solicitors, Converge Challenge, and London-based employer branding agency Link Humans.

It creates tools, training and resources to help companies and individuals start their own podcasts.

Colin said: “Podcasting is a really powerful type of content marketing. It has the ability to generate huge amounts of trust and attention in a very short space of time.

“Podcasting has all the advantages of talk radio, including personal connection, intimacy and attention span, as well as the benefits of on-demand listening and subscription.

“Because the vast majority of podcasts are audio only, you can listen in your otherwise wasted time: driving, ironing, mowing the lawn, or cooking dinner, for example.

“For businesses, the power of podcasting is deeply connecting with people over a long period of time and nurturing that tribe of trusting, loyal fans.”

Published: 09 January 2018

Article by Ellen McGann
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