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ANM Group achieves record £6m share capital investment

Established in 1872, ANM Group is one of the largest and most progressive producer-owned farming, food and finance businesses in Scotland and ranked in the Top 25 of UK co-operatives.

The group employs more than 200 staff members across the North East of Scotland, with a throughput of £125m, and has interests in livestock auctioneering and marketing, the land market, commercial and industrial plant, machinery and equipment sales, as well as the catering and hospitality industry.

Chief executive Grant Rogerson said: “As a co-operative business, we are absolutely delighted to reach this record milestone and grateful for the support received from our members and customers, who recognise the strength and diversity of the group.

“The group’s strong financial position has been further secured through the clearly defined strategy developed by the board and the executive team.

“Our contribution through our member and customer benefits, delivering honesty, professionalism and integrity, is fundamental and emphasises the advantages of working with a co-operative society, as we continue to deliver real and tangible value for individuals and businesses alike.”

In its last reported financial year, ANM’s membership benefits amounted to almost half a million pounds, including share dividends, trading bonus, commission cap savings and enhanced interest rates for the group’s members loan scheme.

In addition, the group made more than £7m pounds available to the industry through their FCA approved livestock finance scheme, supporting farmers with their businesses.

Chairman Pete Watson added: “I am proud ANM continues to play such a significant role in the economy, and members confidence in the business is reflected in this record level of share capital investment which increased by over £500,000 this year.

“We look forward to continue supporting our members and customers, adapting to suit their needs and representing them across the industry at all levels.”

Published: 09 March 2018

Article by Bryce Wilcock
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