Campbell sprints ahead

South-Wales based Pro Athlete Supplementation (PAS) developed the Pro Iso drink for the Wales rugby team and was last month confirmed as an official supplier to the British & Irish Lions.

The nutrition drink was developed by performance nutritionist Jon Williams and former Olympic sprinter Darren Campbell, together with the Powys-based Radnor Hills Mineral Water Company.

Established 11 years ago, the company has primarily positioned itself as a drink for athletes and has built a solid reputation amongst athletes across the globe.

However, they are now looking to take the business to the next level by making their drinks readily available to the general public after securing a major deal with the Co-op.

Campbell, who moved to Wales from Manchester almost 25 years ago and now lives in Rogerstone, said: "I have always been empowered by positive thinking, all I had was belief, instilled by my mother – even teachers said I would amount to nothing.

“My career now is all about helping others to fulfil their potential, whether that is through PAS or coaching. We are delighted with the listing at the Co-op, the first national retailer to stock our drinks.

“The move will support our business growth and ongoing development and help to raise awareness of our brand in local communities."

Campbell got involved with the launch of PAS when his nutritionist asked him if he would like to invest in a sports nutrition business the year he was getting ready to retire.

He told BQ: “I’d always wanted to get involved in business and I realised that I hadn’t paid him enough for what he had done for me throughout my career, I mean, he helped me become an Olympic champion.

“I liked the vision and what he wanted to do. The focus was to help professional sports people by creating these products. That’s why I got involved.

“Sport is very important in my life and to have the opportunity to help fellow sports people as well as the general public to achieve their goals was something I just couldn’t say no to.”

PAS has estimated that the deal with the Co-op could see the company sell an extra 70,000 bottles of its Pro Iso drink over the 12 months alone.

And after securing a deal to work alongside the British & Irish Lions rugby union team, PAS believes this latest deal could open even more doors going forward.

Campbell added: “We’ve seen a difference already. We officially went into Co-op last week and already it has been fantastic.

“The British and Irish lions deal has also been fantastic for the business and the tour hasn’t even started yet.

“Fingers crossed they will be victorious. It’s a challenge not many people think they can achieve but I know from sport that anything is possible.”

So, what’s next for the business? Campbell concluded: “We just want to keep building. We already export to the Aspire gym in Doha which is their centre of excellence and we’d like to build on that.

“However, we will also ensure we keep our core values and will keep striving to make the best product out there.”

Darren’s top tips for entrepreneurs:

  • Value your time. It’s extremely important to give everything you can to your business. Any spare time you have, make sure you give it to your business. Most people want to be successful in a year but sometimes the greatest achievements will take a long time.
  • Even if you have 1p to put into it – you can grow something from something very small. So believe in yourself. Keep hold of those dreams. As you get bigger, don’t lose your core values, because it is easy to change.
  • All of the adversities make the success that much sweeter – you have to go through adversities. That’s where I’ve learned so much about myself and so much about the business by going through adversities.

Published: 18 May 2017

Article by Bryce Wilcock
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